It’s More than a Book, It’s an Experience Like No Other

Review by Aaron C. Yeagle

Do not, for even a moment, you’ll be able to zip through this deeply inspiring book. There are several interweaving storylines and shifting perspectives in this dystopian future that you will need to read slowly.

Gerald R. Stanek’s tour de force of Visionary Fiction primarily follows the story of Tanika, working for hospice, Tanika has become accustomed to deathbed scenes, but when dying self-help guru Orina touches her, she is changed forever. She becomes increasingly clairvoyant and joins Bennett on his quest to fulfill his grandmother’s dying wish. With the help of a centuries-old journal, an ancient navigational instrument, and a shaman from beyond the veil, they set out to find the place of conjunction and begin the world anew.

Thankfully, there’s a glossary in the back of the book with descriptions of the myriad characters – and I might even suggest reading it first! Trying to read too quickly, you will find yourself lost and wondering what happened. Taking your time will reveal innumerable nuggets of spiritual wisdom, truly emotive characters each with a story as deep as Tanika’s, and locations that felt to me like they could easily have been included in Robin Williams’ “What Dreams May Come.”

With all of this, Tanika’s story and that of her fellow travelers will keep you in awe … and yeah … you may shed a few tears. I’ve read this book 3 times already and each time a find something new and deeper meaning that somehow I didn’t realize.

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