Onward to Other Worlds in the Spirit by Mary Woldering

This is a beautiful book that explores the nature of death on one level and the desire to reach the highest level of incarnation whether it’s Heaven, Nirvana, Ascension, or the Pure Land. It’s a highly intellectual and spiritual book so a reader looking for fast, light, and entertaining might miss the connections or deeper meaning in the story of Tani, a woman who’s had a Near Death Experience and now is a doula for a hospice. Her first assignment is to help a famous seer and teacher transition.

As she works, we meet many of the woman Orina’s descendants and followers and learn of their own struggles in coming to grips with the death of this great woman.

Tani sees spirits, something she’s been able to do since her illness and after Orina passes away she realizes things about herself as well.
A secondary journey involves Orina’s son and grandson as they sort through her personal effects and argue over what has secret meaning and what is rubbish. Both men must come to terms with their own beliefs or lack of belief in these levels of spirit.

Among the artifacts are translations of a diary created by a group of religious cult members centuries earlier who were journeying through the American west in search of an interdimensional bridge to the Pure Land. Spirit guides appear to lead the reader through the story too: A Native American shaman and a big red-headed Scot who reminds me of a Falstaff-like pirate.

Tani follows their search and continues to learn more about her own place in the Universe. It’s a wonderful story worth a slow read and many moments of breakaway reflection about the nature of reality and what worlds or existences await us outside the one we know as Earth.
I gave it 5 stars, but readers who aren’t versed in New Age or Spiritual Lingo may find themselves pulled out of the story even though there is a glossary.

It is a great Visionary novel and a wonderful journey into realms outside our own.

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