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A Review by Jessica’s Book Reviews

I was totally amazed by the storyline, this is a unique story and the outstanding characterization and guiding glossary at the end made it even more comprehensible.

Book Goodies Interview with Author – Gerald R Stanek

What advice would you give other writers? Read good writing and lots of it. Even if you only intend to write in one specific genre, read great literature, as much as you can. Observe people, listen to them; learn how real people react, how they talk, and what really motivates them.

It’s More than a Book, It’s an Experience Like No Other

Taking your time will reveal innumerable nuggets of spiritual wisdom, truly emotive characters each with a story as deep as Tanika's, and locations that felt to me like they could easily have been included in Robin Williams' "What Dreams May Come."

Brilliantly Creative!

There were a few surprises that I didn't see coming, loved how it all swirled around & came together!

Onward to Other Worlds in the Spirit by Mary Woldering

This is a beautiful book that explores the nature of death on one level and the desire to reach the highest level of incarnation whether it's Heaven, Nirvana, Ascension, or the Pure Land. It's a highly intellectual and spiritual ...

A Spiritual Journey Awaits

"Let this novel take you on a spiritual journey of your own as you follow the story it weaves."

Gaining Extra Credit with Author Gerald Stanek by Casey Bell

He knew since elementary school that writing was his talent and used it to score extra in class. Deciding to do more with his writings than receive extra credit, Gerald published his first book, “The Eighth House,” in 2012. I asked the author a few questions about his journey through the world of writing and publishing and he kindly gave the following answers.

David Coleman Interviews Gerald R. Stanek

David Coleman Interviews Gerald R. Stanek

What is Real? 5 out of 5 Stars!

Loved this book! So many new ways of thinking about "reality". Some I had already discovered on my own spiritual journey, so this just expanded that for me. Thanks, Gerald! ~ Malainie